Sunday, April 18, 2010

ROI for my Dandelion

To my faithful readers, this may be my final post. This blog ends my semester and academia at American University. Usually when I finish a class, I'm thrilled because its one less thing on my list to worry about. But not for this class. I enjoyed your companionship and feedback. However, there must be an ending to every beginning. With that being said, I bid you farewell.

But before I part with you, I would like to share my final thoughts with you. I read "Social Media FAQ #3: How Do I Measure ROI?" and "How to Measure Social Media ROI for Business". If you haven't noticed, the theme focuses on Return on Investment (ROI). And after reading these articles, I felt like sharing something a bit more practical from my experience.

I was faced with a challenge to promote an ebook. But not only promote, I also had to measure ROI for my Dandelion project. So I did the following:

1. Based on what I was trying to market and promote, I chose specific online social media to assist me.
2. I'm aware that people love to support anything that's for a good cause, so I created a cause that made them feel like they were actively contributing towards that cause.
3. I interacted frequently by updating status, posting and directly answering their questions. And sometimes, engaging in dialogue with my supporters (just to maintain their interests and their support).
4. Regularly, I checked my analytic reports to measure how many fans, clicks, unique visits etc. or simply ROI I had accomplished.

Based on the articles and my experience, is there anything you would do differently and why?


  1. Promoting a product through social medias is very inexpensive and an efficient way for people of all ages to become aware of one's product. It's great

  2. I love your cartoons and congrats to you on your success at AU. Good luck to you in all your future endeavors! I like the steps that you used to measure ROI for your Dandelion project, especially with point #3. The proactive step you took to update regularly and keep your supporter engaged and interested is a sure-win strategy.

  3. Good post! I love the graphic. Your intro made me so sad! I've enjoyed the posting as well... :)